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Her hviler Kapitalismen... (Født ? - Død 2014)

"Her hviler Kapitalismen. Takk for festen og mye moro! Dessverre var det ingen som klarte å betale regninga. Sorry, etterkommere!"
Gail Tverberg fastsetter kapitalismens død til det Herrens år 2014, hvor vi nådde "peak finance". Det er derfor på tide å begynne å tenke på hva vi skal skrive på gravsteinen?

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Vår fremtid består sannsynligvis av to alternativer:

A) En atomkrig.

B) Atomkrig avverges ved økonomisk sammenbrudd. Men dette betyr ikke nødvendigvis at trusselen fra radioaktivt avfall avverges:
The problem is if the spent fuel gets too close, they will produce a fission reaction and explode with a force much larger than any fission bomb given the total amount of fuel on the site. All the fuel in all the reactors and all the storage pools at this site (1760 tons of Uranium per slide #4) would be consumed in such a mega-explosion.

In comparison, Fat Man and Little Boy weapons dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki contained less than a hundred pounds each of fissile material – See more at:

A typical 1 GWe PWR core contains about 80 t fuels. Each year about one third of the core fuel is discharged into the pool. A pool with 15 year storage capacity will hold about 400 t spent fuel.

To estimate the Cs-137 inventory in the pool, for example, we assume the Cs137 inventory at shutdown is about 0.1 MCi/tU with a burn-up of 50,000 MWt-day/tU, thus the pool with 400 t of ten year old SNF would hold about 33 MCi Cs-137. [7]

Assuming a 50-100% Cs137 release during a spent fuel fire, [8] the consequence of the Cs-137 exceed those of the Chernobyl accident 8-17 times (2MCi release from Chernobyl). Based on the wedge model, the contaminated land areas can be estimated. [9] For example, for a scenario of a 50% Cs-137 release from a 400 t SNF pool, about 95,000 km² (as far as 1,350 km) would be contaminated above 15 Ci/km² (as compared to 10,000 km² contaminated area above 15 Ci/km² at Chernobyl).

We have thousands of these ponds around the world. It really does not matter if we had 1 or 100,000 more spent fuel rods to the ponds.

Because when the existing storage systems fail when we collapse back to a primitive state, we are all dead.

Now you have you answers at to a) why the PTB are doing everything possible to kick the can and b) the PTB are doing absolutely nothing to prepare for economic collapse.

Vi bør derfor prioritere:

A) En sikring av alt atomavfall, avvikling av all kjernekraft og en trygg destruksjon av alle atomstridshoder.

B) Akseptere kapitalismens falitt og de planetariske grenser, og omstille oss til en lavteknologisk fremtid på i beste fall tidlig 1800-talls levestandard.

Gail Tverberg mener at "peak finance" ble nådd i 2014:
"At some point, debt levels stop rising as fast as they have in the past (because of a lack of growth in purchasing power because of diminishing returns in investment), and the whole system tends to fall toward collapse. We seem to have reached this point in the middle of 2014."

"We are now in the period when many people still believe everything is going well. Oil prices and other commodity prices are low—what is “not to like”? The answer is that the system is not at all sustainable—profits of oil companies and other commodity businesses are down, just as wages of common workers in developed countries are down in inflation-adjusted terms. Companies are cutting back in investment in oil production. Soon oil production will drop. With lower oil supply, the economy will face huge challenges."
Dette betyr at veksten er slutt, og med det kapitalismens død. Alt ettersom kan vi nok feire eller sørge over kapitalismens død. Det er vel ingen som helt vet når kapitalismen ble født, men dens død ser nå ut til å kunne fastsettes til det Herrens år 2014.

Vi bør derfor begynne å tenke på hva vi skal skrive på gravsteinen?

"Her hviler Kapitalismen. Takk for festen og mye moro! Dessverre var det ingen som klarte å betale regninga. Sorry, etterkommere!"

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