Sommerlektyre om tanker for en ny tid

Under Kastanjen

Stockholm Old Town (Gamla Stan). Photographed on Two Evening Walks in June 2013.

Kommentar ang. trehus og massivtre

Stortorget i Gamla Stan

Den runde plaza i Gamla Stan, Stockholm


Med Mummitrollet på "akslom"

Velkommen til Gåsgränd

Cooperative Transitions for a Resilient Economy: Community Land Trusts

The Story of More: Richard Heinberg at TEDxSonomaCounty

Tunnel of Love

A Street of Child Freedom

A Narrow Street of Stockholm Old Town

Popular Grandfather

Hydromimicry: Water as a Model for Technology and Management

The Money Fix - A Documentary for Monetary Reform

LÉON KRIER: How Industrial Society Destroys Culture

Our Anxiety of Beauty and God

The Breakdown of Style and Form Most Clearly Marks the Transition from Culture to Civilization

A Must Read: Spengler's Ominous Prophecy

Vakre Fredevika

God tur!

A Sad Day for Edvard Munch

Good Group Tip: What's the problem?

It’s Time to Get Apocalyptic, or Get Out of the Way

Dave Pollard: What If Everything Ran Like the Internet?


Hurdal økolandsby realiseres

What is the German Energiewende?