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Man is a Mythical Hero who Gives the Civil Religion of Progress its Central Figure

Collapse: Revisiting the Adam and Eve Myth

Permaculture: Green Gold


Optimism is a Political Act

Kapitalist-modernismen, det siste åket

The Wrecked Life of Energy Abundance

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The Paired Jaws of Resource Depletion and Environmental Disruption

Kommentar til artikkelen: Trærne blir større og skogen blir tettere

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Naturlig ventilasjon og pustende konstruksjoner

Factory Farming in 60 Seconds Flat


Bit by Bit, the Discussion is Shifting from Pie-in-the-Sky Technological and Political Schemes to Practical Projects that Can be Carried Out by Individuals, Families, and Communities, and Lay the Foundations for More Extensive Projects to Come

Thought of Ivan Illich

Billedreportasje fra den nordiske permakulturfestivalen i Hurdal

A Beautiful House in Hurdal Ecovillage

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97% Owned - Economic Truth documentary - Queuepolitely cut

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The Resilience Essays by Mehaffy & Salingaros on P2P-Foundation

A Lonely House in the Sea

Brilliant Summary by David Bollier on the Essence of the Commons

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Anti-Patterns that Destroy Urban Interfaces

The Resilience Essays by Mehaffy & Salingaros on P2P-Foundation

The "Heaven" of the Religion of Progress