Smijernsnagler til trepanel

The Peder Balke Center

Lake Mjøsa Panorama

My First Thought is Probably Not My Best

Bislingen anti-naturhotell på ”Nordmarkas tak”

New UN Report Calls for Transformation in Agriculture

Er Jeg-bevisstheten knyttet til materien gjennom en tilintetgjøring i JHVH?

How Cooperatives Show Resilience to the Crisis

The Women's Kingdom

Ullern kirke i Sør-Odal

Science Fiction Provided the Civil Religion of Progress with the Necessary Promise of Salvation from the Human Condition

Demoniseringen av Israel og jødene

Ved å flytte de lidende til Norge blir vi en del av lidelsen

Blåne over blåne fra Tjuvåskampen

Simone Weil om demokratiet

Will Technology Overcome any Limits?

Crowded Planet (Orion Magazine)

Fine kommentarer til artikkelen "Somletog"

Should you trust your first impression?


Must Gropius be Condemned by a Just and Wrathful God to Spend All Eternity in His Own Buildings

Papilio Machaon (swallowtail butterfly)

To the Atheists, Having the Right Beliefs Brings Salvation from the Ignorant and Superstitious Past (this atheistic religion is by many given the name Modernism, and is visualized in modernist architecture)

Den glade vandringsjenta

Om skarv, stillhet og tilgjengelighet ved Huetjernet på Oksbakken

A Comment on the Need to Move from Darwinism to Zahavism

On the Possibility for Civilisations in an Energy Scarce Future

My Answer to Ross Wolf on Arch Daily

On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs, by David Graeber

Our Technological Society of a Millennium before is Their Idea of Evil Incarnate

The New Organic Grower: A Master's Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener, 2nd Edition (A Gardener's Supply Book)

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Salingaros` New Book UNIFIED ARCHITECTURAL THEORY Will be Published Free Online in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. One Chapter Every Month.

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