The Small-Mart Revolution

To Save the World, with P2P to a post-capitalist society

A New System of Values is being Born

You Cannot Really Make Real High Quality Products that Last Long and are Sustainable Because You Would Lose the Competitive Game

Michel Bauwens on New Age

Private Property Rights in Land Were the Beginning of Suburban Sprawl

Flyer: The Representative Ingroup Democracy (RID) Model

Capitalism as the Second Revolution

Kjernen i miljøkatastrofen

Barn «støpes til kopier» og blir «statens barn» i barnehage

“Damn the Masters’ Plan!”, by Wouter Vanstiphout

A Zen View

Underkastelsen (Miljøgiftene omgir oss)

How to help have a great meeting - Responsibility for Attitude

How to handle the person who talks too much – Validate and hear from others

Det enestående ved Vestens sivilisasjon (The Uniqueness of Western Civilization)

That Answer is Faith

The Recovery of a Shareable Basis for Life

Modernism is All Mental Tinker-Toy Stuff, Meant to Function for a Short While, and Then be Gone

Modernism is Not Simply One Style Among Many

Valget mellom IGD (InnGruppe-Demokratiet) eller katabolisk kollaps

Architecture in the Age of Austerity: Leon Krier

The Difference between Elemental and Object Oriented Design

Society is Yelling in Triumph, Utterly Convinced that the Road to Imminent Ruin Will Lead Them to Paradise on Earth

The Electronic Hallucinations that Count as Wealth Today

The Rhetoric of the Civil Religion of Progress Presupposes that Every Human Being Who Lived Before the Scientific Revolution was Basically Just Plain Stupid

9 Reasons Why Green Modernist Architecture is a Myth

Leon Krier on the Origin of Modernism, and Why Traditional Architecture is Superior

Nozomi Hayase Summarizes "The Century of the Self"

Cap the Grid

A Must Read Article by Roger Boyd: Economic Growth: A Social Pathology

Dr Ha-Joon Chang on Free Markets

Consciousness as Dualism

Families Made Us Human!

The Paired Myths of Inevitable Progress and Inevitable Apocalypse Have in Common that Both of them Serve as Excuses for Inaction

Good Group Tip: Direction more important than pace

Lambda, et angstskrik

Wendell Berry on His Hopes for Humanity

Next Buddha Will Be A Collective

SNAKE OIL: Chapter 6 - Energy Reality

Walmart's Worst Customer

Conversation with an Engineer

Radiant City

What About The Elderly?

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