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Terje Bongard: No grant for MEDOSS

Originally published at P2P-Foundation.

I just received the following email from Terje Bongard, and my spirit fell low. The RID-model (Representative Ingroup Democracy) is the most promising initiative I know about. For me the rejection of Bongard’s project feels like the end of the world, and actually I think it is.

I’m sorry, my dear daughter. These anonymous "referees" shot down your future. It’s just to lean back and wait for the slow collapse of John Michael Greer. At least this is how I feel now.

Dear all

Please find enclosed the comments from the anonymous referees (not included here).

First, I want to thank each and every one of you for grasping the idea so quickly. During this process I talked to many researchers who did not. Some of them stalled the process and used up our time, and some made it difficult for us with unnecessary negative comments.

It is not easy to think new and creative thoughts. To have a position, status, makes it more difficult to take chances, li…