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Grådighet er ingen dyd

La oss kalle en spade for en spade! Utdrag fra David Kortens artikkel i Yez Magazine 5. april 2011: Greed is Not a Virtue.
In the eyes of a market fundamentalist, to sacrifice profit for some presumed social or environmental good is immoral. The result is a public culture that proclaims greed is a virtue and sharing is a sin. Having established control of the institutions of the economy, media, education, government, and even religion, market fundamentalists initiated a global social experiment to test their theory. The results are now in. The prophets of the older faith traditions were right. Our common future depends on rediscovering their truth and redefining our public culture and governing institutions accordingly. The following are some of the more visible elements of Wall Street’s global campaign of moral perversion. It uses control of media outlets, advertising, and politicians to shape and spread a global culture of individualistic greed, material self-indulgence, ruthless co…

A Quality Without a Name

The building, like the countless buildings of traditional society, has the simplicity of a rough pencil drawing. Done in a few minutes, the drawing captures the whole – the essence and the feeling of a horse in motion, a woman bending – because its parts are within the rhythm of the whole.
And just so with the building now. It has a certain roughness. But it is full of feeling, and it forms a whole.
The Timeless Way of Building, by Christopher Alexander, page 474

Community Schooling

Stephen Downes writes:

“In this 15 minute video I outline my criticisms of home schooling and describe success factors for an alternative, community schooling.”

Watch the video here:


In a society which emphasizes teaching, children and students - and adults - become passive and unable to think or act for themselves. Creative, active individuals can only grow up in a society which emphasizes learning instead of teaching.

Instead of the lock-step of compulsory schooling in a fixed place, work in piecemeal ways to decentralize the process of learning and enrich it through contact with many places and people all over the city: workshops, teachers at home or walking through the city, professionals willing to take on the young as helpers, older children teaching younger children, museums, youth groups traveling, scholarly seminars, industrial workshops, old people, and so on. Conceive of all these situations as forming the backbone of the learn…

En kvalitet "uten navn"

Med glede ble jeg i dag kontaktet av en av mine nye "Alexandrine" venner (selv ble jeg Alexandrin februar 2010 etter tilfeldigvis å ha kommet over A Pattern Language), Federico Mena Quintero, programmerer og skaper av GNOME. Pussig dette at systemdesignere, som Federico og Alan Cooper, så lett begriper Alexanders teorier, mens for arkitekter er det som om han kommer fra Mars.

Note that in TheNatureOfOrder, written more than twenty years after TheTimelessWayOfBuilding, ChristopherAlexander gives a name to what he used to call "the quality without a name": wholeness.
Federico Mena Quintero kontaktet meg i dag fordi han har fullført et kapittel i ei bok han ble spurt om å bidra til.
Your posts at the PRI blog have been great, as always. In particular I appreciated your summary and quotations from "The Timeless Way of Building", as I don't have that book and haven't been able to find a *cough* online copy.Recently I was asked to contribute a chapter to a…