Monday, January 25, 2016

The Dream that Suffocated My Eyestone

The Dream, more specifically, was a detached home on a sacred plot of earth in a rural setting, unbesmirched by the industry that made the home possible; a place where one could play at cultivating the soil without having to rely on husbandry for a livelihood; a place that was, most of all, not the city. - James Howard Kunstler, "The Geography of Nowhere", page 101
This sick suburban dream developed by the American auto industry in the thirties is an illusion of NO LIFE, neither urban life or rural life. Unfortunately this utopian dream made my eyestone a nightmare. Of course!

Now the politicians of my place are about to stub my eyestone for the third time, to kill it off indefinitely, in the name of this EVIL dream!

These detached homes on a sacred plot of earth in a rural setting are like cancer, killing off the history and the integrity of the place where they stay.

Sick, sick, sick video!

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