Friday, April 17, 2015

Sølvmynter = framtidens valuta

Folk jeg kjenner har begynt å samle gullmynter, men det ser ut til at sølvmynter er tingen:
(a) Get as much benefit of what you have now, as you can. Take a trip, or donate to charity, or buy things you really need.

(b) Diversify your investments. If things don’t collapse all at once, diversification protects you somewhat.

(c) Farmland or real estate might be helpful in some circumstances–knowing how to farm would be a requirement. You would also need luck with others (governments, those with more weapons) not taking the land, or the food you grow on the land, away from you.

(d) Silver coins might possibly work for trading for goods. I wouldn’t count on gold being worthwhile for trading for goods. The supposed value of gold is too high relative to most goods a person might want to trade for–what you will need is loaves of bread and clothing to wear. Gold is too high valued relative to these goods. - Gail Tverberg
Dette er den typen råd DN burde begynne å gi nå. Håper de snart vil innse dette?

Man kjøper ikke et brød eller et par bukser med en gullmynt. Små sølvmynter er langt bedre egnet. Derfor, ønsker du å sikre deg selv og dine etterkommere, bygg opp et lager med små sølvmynter.

Gi heller små sølvmynter enn penger på konto til konfirmanten. Fortell at det eneste du ønsker deg til jul er små sølvmynter. Dette vil ikke kun sikre deg og dine, men bidra til at hele vårt land kan ha en form for økonomi i et postindustriellt samfunn.

Veiver du med en gullmynt i en post-kollapset verden, er sjansen langt større for at du får en kniv i ryggen enn mat i magen.

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