Why to End Technological Slavery?

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Clearly there is much to be said, and I can only give here the barest outline of the case against technology. Kaczynski’s core argument is based on four simple points:
  1. Humans evolved under primitive, low-tech conditions. This constitutes our natural state of existence. 
  2. Modern society is radically different than this, and imposes unprecedented stress upon us. 
  3. The situation is bad now, and will get much worse. We will either be humiliated into conforming to technology’s demands, or be crushed by the system. 
  4. There is no way to reform the system to avoid the negative outcomes.
His conclusion, then, is straightforward and rational: bring the system to an end, as soon as possible. Granted, the odds of success are slim, but the longer we wait the lower they become and the worse the outcome will be—for both humanity and nature. We have essentially two choices: big, but survivable, pain now, or catastrophic pain later.”


Following the logic of Kaczynski, the most ethical thing to do for minimizing human suffering and further destruction of the wild, is to work actively for taking down the system.

– Technological Slavery: The Collected Writings of Theodore J. Kaczynski: http://www.wildism.org/lib/item/a3ef9393/