Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Norge trenger en ny jordreform

Kommentar til artikkel hos Forskning.no:

Jordreform endret landskapet

(Alternativ tittel kunne vært: Jordreform ødela fellesskapet. Det kan hende jeg skriver denne selv for Kulturverk.)
Denne ødeleggelsen av allmenningene var meget trist å høre om, og har utvilsomt sitt opphav i hvordan de nordamerikanske nybyggerne implementerte filosofien til John Locke.

- The Fateful Choice: The Pilgrims Assign Private Property Rights in Land: http://bollier.org/blog/fatefu...

- On the “naturalness” of the commons and the self-interested invention of the cult of Elinor Ostrom: http://blog.p2pfoundation.net/...
That’s because agricultural and hunting commons are the original form of ownership and work, long prior to State property and private property… and for the time being, the most persistent: commons institutions remained vigorous throughout the world up through the Middle Ages and resisted Modernity with relative strength until the “amortization” of nineteenth-century liberalism forced them to evolve into modern cooperativism. But don’t be fooled: even today, there are large European regions, like Galicia, where more of the 25% of the territory is made up of common lands. We have always been surrounded by the commons and by community values. Our culture kept more than just the formula for us.  
If it wasn’t enough to observe the survival of large expanses of communal land and herds on all continents, it must be said that in all of our community experience we’ve never found a single case where problems arise because someone had consumption patterns such that endangered common resources. In community life, there are problems and conflicts, but in our experience, that’s not one of them, and if it does happen somewhere, it certainly isn’t frequent or relevant.
Vi trenger nå en ny jordreform for å forberede oss på ei ny tid, og for å gjeninnføre allmenningene: http://commonstransition.org/

Lytt til David Bollier: http://www.levevei.no/2014/09/...

En ny jordreform bør innbefatte grendeklynger!

- GRENDEKLYNGA – EN MODELL FOR FRAMTIDA?: http://www.magasinetkote.no/ar...

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