Friday, May 20, 2011

From Stone Desert to Glass Desert

The new proposal for bringing "life" back to the area around Oslo Central Station

No doubth, my politicians and our architects are still stuck in a heroic city-destroying mode, destroying my beloved nation's capital city.

Jeg vil sitere en ypperlig leserkommentar til dette prosjektet:
Steinørken blir glassørken...Hva er det som er så utrolig stas med høyhus, er det et New York-kompleks? Høyhus er så gammaldags. Nå har vi nettopp fått opp barcode, i revidert utgave. Så skal det bli kamp om hvor høyt dette skal bli...Høyhus stjeler enormt med lys og er det noe vi ikke har overskudd av i Norge, så er det lys. Vi kan ikke fornye byen for å danke ut andre byer. Oslo skal fornyes for de som bor der og jobber der. Hver dag, hele året. Ikke for de som kommer innom. - Pelikan
The article in Aftenposten about this life destroying project, one out of a long list of new city destroying projects to be forced upon central Oslo and its sea side, is to be found here.

Where is The Salingaros Group? Please save my capital!

Other plans for downtown Oslo:
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  1. Hi Øyvind, the Salingaros Group is here, and you are to be contacted soon by Massimo Locci, representing the Group and the International Society of Biourbanism in Northern Europe.

    Well... we are not Superman, but we would be happy to do the possible with you. Please, give Massimo all the informations you have about what's going on, and let's discuss together how we can help Oslo's people.


    Stefano Serafini

  2. I have to ask you Øyvind, what on earth are they destroying? Deserted city streets like Schweigaardsgate? The fabulous drug quarter of Trafikkanten? Or perhaps the fact that we are now trying to change the things we did wrong in the 80s and 90s like Galleri Oslo, Postterminalen and all the other massive buildings around the central station that doesn`t give the area any charm scares you? This area doesn`t represent any history or architecture that people in Oslo want to be associated, so why cant they change it for the better? If we are going to have space for all the new people coming to this city every year we need a lot of apartments, offices and commercial areas. In that context I rather want the buildings to be slim and tall with life around them, than massive and low and no life and light around.

  3. Oh, that's sound familiar.... It looks like the post of a Real Estate Company, ore the comment of an Italian Minister who wanted to "bring life" (sic) to our Naturalistic National Parks, by putting commercial centres in them.

    Probably the same kind of rethorics that the same kind of people told, before building in the 80s and 90s.

    Ola, do you really think that steel-and-glass architecture will help to solve the existing problems of European cities?


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