Monday, June 24, 2013

Stockholm Old Town (Gamla Stan). Photographed on Two Evening Walks in June 2013.

Sweden doesn't have wild mountains and fjords, but they have Stockholm Old Town (Gamla Stan), which is just as much nature and as refreshing as any natural landscape. This is because of it's fractal properties and its unfolding through Alexander's 15 transformations of wholeness. Even it only constitutes of a small island in central Stockholm, it feels large because of its organic street pattern.

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I choose to republish my other images from "Gamla Stan" here as well, so they can all be gathered. Publishing the above photos I found that some of them are quite good too, and may need their own postings as well. Hope my pictures here, made during two small afternoon walks, can inspire you to visit "Gamla Stan" if you go to Scandinavia.

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