Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How the Media Manufactures Consent

SHADOWS OF LIBERTY has been has been shown at NRK with Norwegian title "Illusjonen om ei fri presse".
So, what to DO about all this? Well, if you are just a regular guy without a whole lot of money to sprinkle around, you can’t buy politicians who will legislate your agenda, like the Koch Brothers, Goldman Sachs and other big money people can do. Today though because of the Internet, you CAN write, and it can get distributed and read by many people, although due to the fact so many people can do the same thing, there is a cacophony of voices and most get no attention at all. Or if they do get attention, it’s all in the form of people trolling the website and trying to undermine anything you are trying to accomplish. VERY FUCKING ANNOYING! It’s not an easy thing to get yourself heard on the internet even if your resume is jam packed with credentials. A lot of money will get you heard though. Buy the advertizing, buy the people who own the major media outlets, you are sure to be heard. I do not have the kind of money it takes to buy that stuff unfortunately. - RE

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