Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fra innovasjon til retrovasjon

«I would introduce the perhaps jarring idea that the locus of settlement in the USA is headed for an even more striking change, namely that the action is going to shift to the small cities and the small towns, especially places that exist in a meaningful relationship to food production. These places are currently the most derelict and dis-invested in the nation. I would argue that they are about to regain importance. For one thing, the global economy is unwinding. It never was a permanent installation in the human condition, contrary to what Tom Friedman said in his books and newspaper columns. That global economy was the product of special circumstances, namely a hundred years of super-cheap energy, and about seventy years of relative peace between the major powers of the world. Those conditions are now ending, and the transient globalized economic relations that flourished under them — the chain of products moving from the factories of Asia to the Wal Marts of America — are coming to a close.»
Anti-retrovasjon på Toten!

Hva som bygges her er et gigantisk nytt vann-/avløpssystem for subeksurbanittene oppunder Totenåsen, hvor vann pumpes opp fra 100 m under havets overflate til 500 moh., for så å ledes ned igjen til Mjøsa gjennom renseanlegget på Skreia.

Uten de suburbane bunkerne ville dette vært unødvendig.

2016 var året da drømmen om tekno-Nirvana sprakk!
«Suspend all your assumptions about our ability to continue the familiar arrangements of the present day. We are passing through a difficult transition and I don’t think it will lead to the techno-nirvana that many are expecting. In fact, I think we are likely to lose many of the technological advances that we have come to take for granted, starting with the ubiquity of the Internet — which depends, after all, on a completely reliable electric grid. We are heading into a contraction of techno-industrial activity and probably an eventual contraction of population. We have to make things smaller, more local, and finer.

If you could go back in time to the year 1950, to Cadillac Square in the center of downtown Detroit, and interview a proverbial “man-on-the-street” there about the future, he might have had a hard time grokking what actually happened to the place after 1970 — the astounding devastation that occurred without a war taking place. Likewise, I think the American public fails to see the probable arc of the current story. We are expecting nothing except more technological magic, and that is sure to leave a lot of people disappointed.» - James Howard Kunstler
Vi entrer retrovasjonens tidsalder, hvor vi må forene gammel teknologi med hva som kan overleve av ny teknologi i en energifattig framtid.

Merk deg ordet RETROVASJON!

Innovsjon er ut, retrovasjon er inn.

La oss gå baklengs inn i framtida!


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