Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Økonomisk vekst er limet i vårt samfunn

Det er derfor klart at stopper den økonomiske veksten opp, går samfunnet opp i limingen!
Economic growth is part of the glue that holds together the social contract between the rich and poor, and between citizen and state. It stands behind our expectations of technology, the rise of China, population growth, and pensions. Growth shaped the specialisation of our occupational roles and the forms of social relations. It acclimatised us to increasing wealth, both personal and in the goods and services we expect from society and the state. We are now claiming as rights, services that only fifty years ago would have been considered miracles. It shaped our identity as the tormented consumer and the anxious lover. - David Korowicz
Er det noe rart at våre politikere "digger" økonomisk vekst? Les hele artikkelen: In the world, at the limits to growth.
GDP is a good measure of the throughput of resources in an economy, or more bluntly, the rate of converting natural resources into waste. - Brent Blackwelder
Allikevel, er det ikke tross alt bedre at samfunnet går opp i limingen enn at økosystemene gjør det? Lytt til det alvorlige budskapet fra forfatteren bak bestselgeren  Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, av Jared Diamond.


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