Friday, April 13, 2012

The Majority Rules, Even for Toddlers and Chimps

A new study offers some news for parents: even toddlers have a tendency to follow the crowd. That sensitivity isn't unique to humans either; chimpanzees also appear more likely to pick up habits if "everyone else is doing it." ... 
- Listen Up, Parents: For Toddlers (and Chimps), the Majority Rules

Today we have turned into an insane flock of mindless consumers heading for the cliffs. How to make the majority permaculturists?

What is the crowd's opinion?

What's striking me, in the kindergarten children have no role models, except other children. A result of the modernists segregation of function and people. Is it any wonder that the world has gone insane?

All this is a result of fragmentation and complication, the opposite of complexity. How to make the crowd understand the meaning of life is complexity, and that complexity can save our civilization?

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