Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Comment on: "Terje Bongard’s Democratic Ingroup Model as specific form of p2p democracy?".

I'm happy that Bauwens' followed my advice to promote Bongard's enormously important initiative. Read it on P2P-Foundation here.

My comment:

Terje Bongard's website WWW.BIOMAN.NO is now up running:

At the right side under "dokumenter" you can download some English documents and an illustration modelling the ingroup-democracy.

This model has its source in the meta-pattern found by Amotz Zahavi, the handicap principle, which is a strong force of evolution, and which has formed human behaviour and how we interact.

The handicap principle is a force with a dark and a bright side, where today's mass-society grows the dark side of the force (almost like Star Wars(-;) through capitalism and modernism.

F.ex. is the Alexandrine pattern 37, HOUSE CLUSTER, a superb illustration on how we can grow an ingroup-society and utilize the bright side of this force:

Also there are more patterns found in A Pattern Language with a direct link to the metapattern of the handicap principle.

Anyway, it will take a long time before we can create a new society entirely centered around growing the enormous powers found in the bright side of the handicap principle.

This is why we have to start with a democracy model linking this force to the most essential of society, production and the utilization of natural resources, as these are the very foundation of our existence and are today operating outside any democratic control.

Another metapattern utilized in Bongard's ingroup-democracy-model is the fractal like diversion of scales found in every sustainable natural system:

This is a true bottom-up democracy carried by a diversion of scales, where the smallest scale, the in-group, is the very foundation.

A democratic model reflecting at least two metapatterns of such importance is indeed very promising.

Personally I hope to influence Bongard to utilize Alexander's pattern-technology to incorporate the good forces found in the handicap principle on every aspect of society.

I also hope to use biophilic design to "substitute" for today's mindless consumerism:

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