Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Answer to Michel Bauwens about Me

Michel Bauwens asked me some questions, I share my answer with my readers so you too can know a little more about me and my situation now.

Yes, my family were into wood working industry for five generations, and I've been exposed from dust since my teen ages. My father too, and he was even smoking for many years. Probably my genes were weaker, so I got a chronic inflammation and wanted to sell the factory when my father retired. Anyway, my brother runs it now, he doesn't like working but is good with data and marketing. I don't want to stay in an office, so I just drive some goods a couple of days a week now, so I'm not exposed to dust anymore. These are just fine trips, I bring my camera and make pictures for Wikimedia Commons, and have no stress.

I'm already 46 years old. But as I've no higher education I've no aspirations to make any new career, and I prefer to be with my family rather than attending any college. My only aspiration now is to do the little I can to give my daughters a safer world, ruled by the commons through IGD, where biophilia and permaculture is the norm.

As there are many in Norway longing for cooperative settlements I'm sure we someday can return to Norway if we leave. It's just that if I can't have peace of mind here I live now I don't want to settle in another suburban or corbusian setting again. I'm just so tired of it. And Steigan seems to be very happy with his life in Tolfa.

The only thing that worries me is the separation of my daughter and her grandfather, as she's extraordinary fond of her grandfather, and she asks every day about if we can visit him.

Kind regards,
Øyvind Holmstad
The only thing that holds me back is the strong relationship between my daughter and her grandfather. If we have to move to Tolfa I hope he will come to us rather than Spain, and we will of course visit them every summer.

It's really a pity that the whole of Norway is destroyed by modernist ideology, so that we are unable to live here. But there are so many young people here now dreaming of something better, so I've strong hopes I can bring my family back to Norway some day.

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