Sunday, August 7, 2011

Addicted to Growth

Vi er alle avhengige av økonomisk vekst, det er vårt narkosium, og verden er høy på en virkelighetsfjern rus. Hva skjer den dagen realitetene treffer oss som en knyttneve?
In this year, 2011, we are enjoying a lifestyle beyond the most optimistic dreams of past generations. We are benefitting from the whirlwind of achievements in science and technology during the last hundred years. There has never been a century like the one just passed, and there will never be another like it. Lifestyles will be very different when oil and gas are depleted. - Roy Anderson
We’re not really facing a shortage of energy; we’re facing a longage of expectations. And the sooner that we as individuals or a nation recognize that the future is going to see much lower consumption than today and prepare for that, psychological resilience is going to be really important, because if no one is psychologically prepared, people are going to freak out when some of these freedoms start to go away. - Nate Hagens

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