Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Riots of England – the Very Earmarks of Modern Urbanism

This is, of course, a rampant nod to commercialism, which, if we did not live in such a commercial era, would be seen for what it is. The life of a community cannot be held hostage, by a person or corporation who seeks to make money and profit from the construction of its streets and buildings. The streets and buildings are part of the neighborhood’s life blood, the city’s life blood, and they must be interwoven with the activities and life of the people themselves. Anything less leads inevitably to drug abuse, crime, teenage violence, anomie, and despair – the very earmarks of modern urbanism. Christopher Alexander
The high rate of crime among teenagers is not because they are worse people than previous generations. The reason is that we have given them a worse environment!
You just can’t change the kids; you have to change the context these kids are a part of.Laurence Steinberg
 Photo: GeorgeRexTA

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