Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trær, en viktig del av klodens kjølesystem

Foto: Samuli Lintula

Ikke nok med at trær binder store mengder CO2, de bidrar også betydelig til å kjøle ned atmosfæren gjennom fordampning. Skogene kan berge vårt klima!
— Scientists have long debated about the impact on global climate of water evaporated from vegetation. New research from Carnegie's Global Ecology department concludes that evaporated water helps cool Earth as a whole, not just the local area of evaporation, demonstrating that evaporation of water from trees and lakes could have a cooling effect on the entire atmosphere. These findings, published Sept. 14 in Environmental Research Letters, have major implications for land-use decision making. - Science Daily
Les artikkelen: Water Evaporated from Trees Cools Global Climate, Researchers Find


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