Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Problem of Cars

  • Kills street life
  • Damages the social fabric of communities
  • Isolates people
  • Fosters suburban sprawl
  • Occupies common land with parking lots
  • Endangers other street users
  • Blots the city's beauty
  • Disturbs people with its noise
  • Dazzles people with its lights
  • Causes air pollution
  • Slaughters thousands every year
  • Destroys nature
  • Exacerbates global warming
  • Wastes energy and natural resources
  • Impoverishes nations

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Highway construction in Norway
 The dream that became a nightmare:
The cities will be part of the country; I shall live 30 miles from my office in one direction, under a pine tree; my secretary will live 30 miles away from it too, in the other direction, under another pine tree. We shall both have our own car. We shall use up tires, wear out road surfaces and gears, consume oil and gasoline. All of which will necessitate a great deal of work ... enough for all. - Le Corbusier, 1935
Published at P2P-Foundation's blog on December 26, 2013.

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