Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dear Sandra, Welcome to the World!

I'm so proud of you Sandra. I'm happy to be your big sister.

My girls

You are welcome!

Sandra is a child of optimism. When I decided to have her it was partly because I was sure Terje Bongard would carry through his research project MEDOSS, and that Norway and later the world should become transformed into a representative ingroup democracy.

I knew a long time that our industrial civilization has come to an end, but I hoped we could transform it into something much better, the ultimate commons through Bongard's RID-Model.

Now, instead, the return of the Dark Ages are looming ahead of us:

Dark Age America: The Senility of the Elites

I'm not particularly in favor of the collapse of our civilization into a new dark age; I just see it as inevitable, given the idiotic choices of the recent past. - John Michael Greer
Of all these idiotic choices the Research Council of Norway made the worst!

This blog has about 2000 hits from the USA a month. If a "rich uncle" over there happens to stumble upon this blog, please consider to support Terje Bongard with funding for his research project to create the ultimate commons and democracy. He needs about 42 million Norwegian kroners. His contact info is to be found here.

Meditating at the hospital I've come to that there are two major battles I must fight for my daughters.

1) The Battle for the Life and Beauty of the Earth

In any environment we build—building, room, garden, neighborhood—always, what matters most of all is that each part of this environment intensifies life. We mean that it intensifies human life, animal life, emotional life, the life of storms, the life of wild grasses and lilies, the life of fish in a stream, the life of human kindness in a rough place where it may not be easy to find. - Christopher Alexander
2) The Battle for the Restoration and Reintroduction of the Commons in All Aspects of Human Life and Civilization

We have a choice: Ignore the commons and suffer the ongoing private plunder of our common wealth. Or Think Like a Commoner and learn how to rebuild our society and reclaim our shared inheritance. - David Bollier

See more Commons in Action - videos here.

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