Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let's Enter the Fractal World of Christopher Alexander!

In a Freudian sense, we are witnessing the return of the repressed. If you tell people for two decades that there is no alternative to the world in which they live, and if in the meantime you take away their income, their rights, their public services, and their last-remaining shreds of dignity, you can expect that psychological repression of revolutionary potential to come out in some other form sooner or later. If you repress the coherent emancipatory ideology of the masses, as the End of History was meant to do, you literally end up with the incoherent and a-political London riots. In this respect, the most important thing the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions could have done was to help remind humanity that there actually is an alternative to the status quo — that there does exist some “outside” to unfettered global capitalism. - Jerome Roos
Please read the whole article: Jérôme E. Roos: The year 2011 marks the end of the End of History".

There exist an alternative to ideology, this is permaculture and science. All sustainable systems, all over the Universe and in all natural systems on Earth, are fractal. This is stated by Nikos Salingaros and others. To integrate fractal systems in our societies we must use patterns to form coherent and interconnected pattern languages, using Christopher Alexander’s pattern technology. Further we must replace the dead technologies of the 20th century with living technology, using the living technologies of Christopher Alexander.

Capitalism is anti-fractal, socialism is anti-fractal, so let’s leave all this old stuff behind and enter the fractal world of Christopher Alexander!

 Iterated function system fractal. Vicsek fractal becoming tree. Photo: Edo 555 

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