Monday, August 27, 2012

Follow Nikos A. Salingaros' Course on Architectural Theory Online

I'm starting next week to teach an architectural theory course for the Architecture School here. I have planned it so that students can follow much of it online from wherever they are located.

After I give each week's lecture (which will take from one to three classes), I will post my lecture notes. Most of the required reading material is online, except of course the two textbooks, which distance students need to find and read.

It is my hope that most architecture schools can eventually adopt this course as a regular requirement, although that depends upon if there is already a faculty member there who wants to teach it in this manner. An instructor is essential to lead the in-class discussions, to direct the two projects, and to evaluate the student's work. But even without an instructor, I believe that interested students can get something out of this framework by working on their own. The important thing is the synthesis of ideas represented here.

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