Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Forbidden Education: Documentary on Alternatives

Our P2P Foundation partner in Argentina, Franco Iacomella, has collaborated to this important documentary which reviews the whole field of alternative education. The YouTube version rapidly gained half a million viewers and is still climbing.

Watch the trailer here (Press cc for English subtitles):

Here’s the summary:

“The Forbidden Education (original title “La Educación Prohibida”) is an independent documentary released on 2012. The film documents diverse alternative education practices and non convencional schools in Latin America and Spain that includes ideas from Popular Education, Montessori, Progressive education, Waldorf, Homeschooling and other references.

It became the first released movie in Spanish to be funded under a crowdfunding methodology. It was also hightlightened by it’s distributed screening proposal that enabled a synchronized release in 130 cities of 13 countries with a total ammount of 18.000 viewers in a single day.

The film was released under a Copyleft open content license. Subtitles in English, Portuguese, Italian and other languages are available.

The documentary is divided in 10 thematic episodes. Each of them present a different aspect of education in the school context and outside of it. Topics like history of school system; authority and power in schools; evaluation and segregation of students; social function of educative institutions; role of teachers and families and others are covered by the film’s script.

The movie also includes almost 30 minutes of animation and a fiction history that is glues all the episodes.”

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