Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Comment Regarding the Close Relationship Between Alexander's "A Pattern Language" and Bongard's "The Biological Human"

Amotz Zahavi
I really look forward to that! Personally I find it immensely promising to combine the good forces of the handicap principle discovered by Amotz Zahavi, with the pattern technology developed by Christopher Alexander. To mix these two are in my eyes dynamite, and can be a major contribution for a more human society.

Unfortunately I know of no others that share my enthusiasm for this idea, I don't think neither Alexander or Bongard has seen its full potential.

As I see it there is a close relationship between Alexander's A Pattern Language and Bongard's The Biological Human. It's like Alexander's pattern-technology is made for utilizing the good forces of the handicap principle. I really don't understand why I've not yet met any others that share my enthusiasm for these possibilities? -

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