Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Comment to Ross Wolf's Essay "Max Ajl vs. Alex Gourevitch in Jacobin on society, nature, and the Left: An intervention"

Read the article here.
Personally I come from the small minority on the right that is positive to environmentalism, as I'm a nature conservative.

I'm sorry to inform you that you have misunderstood completely. It's not small that is beautiful, it's scale that is beautiful. Yes, I understand that you are obligated to your hero Le Corbusier to hate scale, and especially the small scales, as he was a mega-maniac. But scale is, in spite of modernist ideology, a natural law that is fundamental for the universe. This is why Christopher Alexander has set "Levels of Scale" as the first and most fundamental property of wholeness:

In fact, levels of scale is fractal and is ≈ 2,7:

I find your misunderstanding so serious that I'm determined to write an article called "The Beauty of Scale".

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