Friday, November 16, 2012

The World's Best Collection of Bed Alcoves

Photo: Heinz-Josef Lücking

Lene, the author of the well worth visiting blog The Essence of the Good Life, has made what is probably the world's best collection of bed alcoves. Go directly to her excellent photo-graphic alcove show here:


Really refreshing to see this in these continental-bed-times, awful and anxiety-generating as they are.

Hope you know about the two stars alexandrine pattern BED ALCOVE, which is pattern 188 in A Pattern Language. Here Christopher Alexander states that bedrooms make no sense. His conclusion is as follows:
Don't put single beds in empty rooms called bedrooms, but instead put individual bed alcoves off rooms with other non-sleeping functions, so the bed itself becomes a tiny private haven. - Christopher Alexander
For all of you who have A Pattern Language in your book shelves (I guess some of you have, as this book is a major classic), I advice to look up pattern 188 to read it in full.

Thanks also to Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder in the comments thread about why people slept half-sitting in old times. I've heard other explanations before, but hers sounds most credible.

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