Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Good Group Tip: Direction more important than pace

In principle, moving quickly often seems like a good idea but moving quickly in
the wrong direction simply gets you to the wrong place fast. Most groups have a
high need for quick achievement. We have all heard someone say, "Enough t
alk, let's just do something!" And we have all seen groups charge off quickly and with the wrong direction.

Practical Tip: Even when under pressure to accomplish something in a hurry, resist
the temptation to achieve a quick, although shabby, result. Quality group decisions,
like anything of quality, require upfront investment. Determine your objective before
springing into action. Spend some time planning. Read the directions. Check out
the map. As Bob Dylan says, "I know my song well before I start singing."
No matter how slowly you go, if you are headed in the right direction you might
eventually get there. - Craig Freshley

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