Thursday, July 9, 2015

Earth Community

In principle, each group of decision makers is part of a larger group or larger community. Ultimately, we are all part of the great community we call Earth.

I want what is best for my group, but which group? Over the long run, it is not okay for my local group to profit at the expense of my larger group-that simply shifts expenses to others. Over the long run, doing what is best for my club is not okay if it hurts my town. Doing what is best for my town is not okay if it hurts my country. Doing what is best for my country is not okay if it hurts Earth community.

Practical Tip: As your group makes decisions, consider the impact of those decisions on other groups and over time. Expand the circle of concern all the way to Earth community and into the future. Decide things locally that will help the whole world. Decide things now that will help our kids and our kids' kids. To make good group decisions, we resist the temptation to be guided entirely by local, short-term gain. - Craig Freshley
I think it's important to take this down to an individual level as well. Doing what is good for you is not okay if it hurts your group. Me should be we!

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