Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tverberg with More Advices on How to Prepare for the Future

I am not sure I know the answer to the question. Usually, survivors are ones that have the most resources at their disposal. Some would argue that the group with most resources is today’s top 1%. Others would argue that a person needs to store up food and water, at least to outlast those who don’t take such precautions.

Others look to gardening/ farming and storing up tools, solar panels, fences, proper grading of land using today’s equipment, etc., together with their knowledge of how to make these all work.

Some look to high tech devices–fancy water filters and cooking stoves that use little fuel.

Some suggest storing up things to trade (bottles of whiskey, band aids, aspirin, etc) or silver or gold coins.

Some suggest that being part of a group that together can provide all of the needs of the group is a better strategy than “going it alone”.

Some suggest that being nimble is the most important characteristic–being willing to move to a better location if things go badly where a person is; finding niches where a person fits in.

I guess I would suggest a little diversification-is helpful–maybe a little of all of the above. If you can’t be one of the top 1%, make yourself valuable to some other people. Keep on good terms with family (including siblings and adult children). Figure out what you might be able to eat in your area. If you can grow some yourself, that would be good too. Store up at least a little bit to get past short outages in food/water supply. - Gail Tverberg

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