Saturday, July 18, 2015

Holidays in the Kvamsfjellet Mountains

Here are a few last images from the area around the cabin where we spent our summer holidays for 2015. Most of my images though I shot at our four big excursions:

- The Sugar Top

- The Jøråa Waterfalls

- The Glitterdalen Valley

- The Mountain Top of Nørdre Geitberget

Originally we should stay for just one week, but luckily those who were to borrow the cabin after us delayed their holidays to the autumn season. It was a blessed time, and our baby girl, pale and helpless when we arrived, left with fresh skin and much stronger, actually she made remarkable progress during these two weeks.

In the mornings before my girls woke up i enjoyed a peaceful time with a book and a cup of coffee, looking at the mountains and listening to the ko-kos, which there were plenty of here this year

The place we stayed is called Rondablikk, which means a glimps towards the Rondane mountains

Mountain canola


Traditional Norwegian horses from the Gudbrandsdalen Valley

The small top behind the cabin

The Hotel of Rondablikk above the lake

A mountain bath


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