Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Little Gaudi in Little Barcelona

Victor Beltri was a student of famous architect Antoni Gaudí. While big Gaudi put his mark upon big Barcelona, little Gaudi (Beltri) put his mark upon little Barcelona (Cartagena) some south down the Spanish coastline.

Cartagena is a small city with a big atmosphere, except for some typical modernist buildings by the waterfront. Modernists are very found of destroying waterfronts for otherwise great cities.

Cartagena has a very nice car free street interior which starts with Mayor Street by the harbor. Several of Beltri's jugend buildings are located here, like the town hall, but they are also spread around the rest of the city. Get a map with Beltri's buildings and go on a jugend safari in Cartagena!

I spot some of Beltri's buildings, although missing out some as well. I'll try to make a collection later.

The above house is to be found on Puerta de Murcia.


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