Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A First Taste from "The Beauty of Cebu Slums"

Then we have arrived at Mactan Island, Philippines, for our summer holidays 2017. At our stopover in Seoul I saw the new full frame camera Canon EOS 6D Mark II exhibited at the airport, and I regret I didn't buy it. I'm dreadfully tired of the APS-C censors now, and need to get a full frame camera to get the details and brightness I need for my new book project, with working title "The Beauty of Cebu Slums". Maybe I can get the camera at SM Mall, the largest shopping mall in Cebu? I'll then leave my 70 D for my father in law.

Meanwhile I must do the best with what I have, here is the first taste of my upcoming book :-)

Resting in the smoke.

Goats on concrete shelf.

They are everywhere here, high and low, eating everything, until they finally become eaten themselves.

In Norway we have everything except a community. Here they have nothing except their community. What is most valuable, a healthy community or a McMansion in Suburban Hell?

Laundry decorations.

Common tricycle taxi.



Where is "barnevernet"?

Thanks for watching :-)

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