Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Great-Grandmother's Abandoned Farm

Silveria A. Baton's farm in Danao, Cebu, Philippines, was abandoned because of the golf club Filipino Inc. de Cebu, which built a huge concrete wall between the farm and central Danao, blocking the road. Then, instead of a few hundreds meters walk to the village, they got to walk several kilometers. Thus they had no choice but to abandon their bellowed farm.

The farm is lush and full of fruit trees. It should have been a permaculture demonstration farm, supplying the village with fresh food. But for the rich and privileged golf is obviously more important than farms.

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Avocado tree.

Dear great-grandmother, we're very sorry for what happened to your farm. But the rich and wealthy on the other side of the wall don't care. You've disgraced your beautiful island!

Mango tree.

The central village of Danao is just a few hundred meters away on the other side of this wall of shame. Now we had to drive a detour for several kilometers and then to walk another couple of kilometers, to enter the farm.

I've never liked golf, but after this misdeed I really hate this sport and everybody involved in it!

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