Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tokyo Station - A River of People

Tokyo Station serves more than 3000 trains a day, and it's huge. From what I could understand it has five levels and stretches far beyond what you can see above ground. At least we seemed to be walking for kilometers getting a train, but as it was more like a classical English labyrinth I can't tell for sure it's actual size.

To a comparison operates Gjøvik Station, the railroad station of my town, only eight trains a day. Tokyo Station serves this number of trains in less than four minutes!

The Japanese are poor in English but very polite, and if you can point to the name of where you are going they will most likely follow you to the train, even if it takes 10 minutes of their precious time.

As you can see from the video all people have a business costume, and I think all Japanese are the dressed the same way going to and from work. If they work in construction my guess is that they just pull a coveralls above their suit.

It was strange to watch the construction and maintenance force of Tokyo, as most of them were old grey men. I think most men getting too old for the assembling lines and business end up in construction and maintenance, as a kind of prelude for retirement.

This is very different from Dubai and Norway, where construction workers mostly consist of cheap young men imported from abroad.

It's impressive they can make this network of trains working. They all seem to enter and leave with an extremely precision, and probably the backward effects would be so serious that the whole system would break down in minutes if a train didn't keep its schedule.

The old part of Tokyo Station gives an expression about how nice Tokyo was before it was destroyed by modernism, a worse force than the combined earthquakes of the city.


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