Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Kimono Women in Tokyo

During weekdays Tokyo women are quite dull in their business costumes and school uniforms. But all this is forgotten when the weekend comes, and especially around temples (Buddhism) and shrines (traditional Japanese religion) you can watch them blossom in national suit kimono. I'm quite shy, so when a couple of them stopped to ask me make some shots with their cellphones I was very happy.

To my enjoyment they accepted I made some shots of them as well. Unfortunately I almost spoiled this great chance, choosing an disturbing background and forgetting to use the lowest aperture, placing them in the too strong sun.

Some of the images even became somewhat blurred. How I wish I had a five axes image stabilizer inside my camera. Sharpen, sharpen Canon!

I was chocked when these two beautiful kimono women stopped to ask me make some photos of them with their cellphones. They seemed to enjoy me taking some shots of them as well, but I forgot everything I learned from magazines about how to make good portraits, and almost spoiled my chance. This image still became quite nice.

This girl is the incarnation of kimono beauty! Her traits for Japanese beauty are fulfilled. Japanese women can't look better than her.

Sorry for the messy and unblurred background :-( But are you able to take your eyes away from their beauty anyway :-)

Another kimono beauty.

Two kimono women by the Sensō-ji temple.

Undoubtedly modern fashion can't beat the kimono dresses!

A nice bouquet of kimono girls!

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