Sunday, October 16, 2011

At the End of the Road of Capitalism

We just passed the end of of socialism, soon we'll see capitalism pass by as well. Let permaculture fill the gap!
Ironically, science itself has long since moved on. We now understand pretty clearly that the legacy of this linear approach is a series of disastrous, unintended consequences, compounding with each successive project: failures in the social environment, the ecological environment and, now, the economic system that governs the sustainability of our resources. We are generally aware that the old paradigm must give way to something more life-like—more able to create resilience and sustainability, and more able to serve the real needs of human beings. We understand that we must move beyond the old “Ponzi Scheme” models of depletion economics—leaving tremendous irresolvable problems to our grandchildren—and find a more regenerative kind of technology, and a more sustainable kind of settlement pattern, to counter the unfolding global disaster of modern industrial development. Michael Mehaffy and Nikos Salingaros
Immanuel Wallerstein on the nature of the current bifurcation

Picture from my  PRI-article Anti-Pattern Capitalism
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