Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Have No Brain!

It's a pity to learn that I have no brain, as I have no friends. Earlier I thought I had no friends because I'm so ugly, but worse, it's because I lack a brain. This make me even more depressed, as to be brainless, which mean I'm a completely idiot (IQ below 70), is the worst destiny I can think about. Wonder how my wife manage to stuck with me?
The study suggests that we need to employ a set of cognitive skills to maintain a number of friends (and the keyword is 'friends' as opposed to just the total number of people we know). These skills are described by social scientists as 'mentalising' or 'mind-reading'- a capacity to understand what another person is thinking, which is crucial to our ability to handle our complex social world, including the ability to hold conversations with one another. This study, for the first time, suggests that our competency in these skills is determined by the size of key regions of our brains (in particular, the frontal lobe). ScienceDaily (Mar. 24, 2012) 
No brain, no pain, no friends. Image: Sebastian023

- Brain Size May Determine Whether You Are Good at Keeping Friends

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