Monday, March 12, 2012

Norway, the Second Dumbest Country in the World

It is also dangerous to judge the resilience and success of our current living arrangements solely by our level of wealth or health. We are using up the natural capital upon which our very survival depends more rapidly than it can be regenerated. It's true that one can experience the illusion of great wealth by spending all one's savings in a week. But life after that would become quite precarious as a single large expense, say, a large medical bill, could send one to bankruptcy court. Kurt Cobb
Norway is the second country in the world to tap its oil resources most rapidly, next to Great Britain, and we're now having a big party. We seem to be the second dumbest country in the world.

The narrowing window for a transition to a sustainable industrial society

The second dumbest country in the world. Credit: Fonadier

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