Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Unholy Trinity of Landlords, Developers and Politicians

I don't think there exist a more destructive unity in today's world than the unholy trinity of landlords, developers and politicians. This trinity is anti-God, anti-nature and anti-human, making our villages, towns and cities to simply instruments of the Market and State. This practice is degrading human life to its lowest possible esteem, the abstract human being.

We have to fight down and kill dead this three headed monster of landlords, developers and politicians, to replace it with a human scaled P2P Urbanism, for Peer to Peer Urbanism. We must reclaim the right to the city
So how can the commons help make our cities more liveable, ecologically friendly places?  I argue that the very framing and language of the commons helps us assert our values. These values are:  
--That cities must be human-scale, pedestrian-friendly, sociable, lively and fun. 
--That planning and design of cities should be open and participatory.  
--That our built landscape should be adaptable to changing circumstances, along the lines of open-source software.  Why should future generations be cursed with the costly mistakes of the top-down, centralized planning of a bunch of idiots today? - David Bollier
Please read David Bollier's fantastic essay: Re-imagining Urban Design and City Life

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