Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dmitry Orlov: A well-functioning group is a challenge which requires work

Dear Finite Worlders, I recommend listening to Dmitry Orlov's interview here, a little under an hour:
He covers many topics, in his usual style. The back and forth of the interview is excellent, Including some astonishment on the part of the interviewers, as in his explanation of how Facebook is like animal husbandry.

I have complained on occasion about how internet conversations usually don’t actually go anywhere. Nothing happens. Dmitry says that the only thing that builds a well-functioning group is a challenge which requires work. If everyone has to work together, then there are serious exchanges of information and ideas and people are motivated to do the work that needs to be done.

I would classify this interview as a sort of ‘work getting done’ interview. All the parties perceive the same problems, and the same imperatives. Namely, the first 3 of Dmitry’s Stages of Collapse are baked into the cake, and our challenge is to hang on to the remaining 2 stages. With that sort of understanding by all 3 people, conversation can happen. Dmitry says ‘it has to be in person’, but I would submit this interview as a caution that…sometimes…electronically mediated conversation may happen. Dmitry’s opinions on the topic of electronically mediated attempts at conversation are closely related to those of Sherry Turkle (Reclaiming Conversation).

Much too much to hint at here…Don Stewart

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