Eva Røyrane's Book about the Traditional Norwegian "Klyngetun" is Now on the Market, and it's Awsome! (John Michael Greer Loves Norwegian "klyngetun")

I want to announce that Eva Røyrane's book about the traditional Norwegian "Pocket Neighborhoods", "klyngetunet", now is on the market. By the Norwegian coast almost all people on the countryside lived in very small villages, like pocket neighborhoods, until the land reform by 1859, which was imposed on them, and which was inspired from the American settlers and John Locke's horrible individualism. In the end Norway ended up as a pointless suburb to the USA, but I hope this fantastic book can turn the trend and help us finding back to our roots.

The book seems to have awesome images as well. Really hope some American publishers will translate it into English and bring it to the American audience! It has the title "Klyngetunet - Den norske landsbyen", and can be purchased from here (please visit the homepage of the book and see the video):  http://skald.no/utgjevingar/klyngetunet/


The "klyngetun" of Havråtunet, Western Norway.

Dear Eva Røyrane!

I got a message from the famous American author John Michael Greer, he has become interested in the phenomenon of Norwegian "klyngetun", and when I told him about your book project on our "klyngetun" tradition, he should love to help you get in contact with the right American publisher for an English version. Here's Greer's message:

"Dear Øyvind,

Many thanks for this.

> Here are a few words about the ancient Norwegian "klyngetun", although
> I guess you already know more about the tradition of "klyngetun" than
> I do:

No, actually, I'd never heard of them -- one thing I've learned over the
years is that folk tradition contains quite a bit more of interest than
appears at first glance. I'll see about looking into it as time permits.
I wonder if Ms. Røyrane has considered translating her book into English
-- I can think of several American presses that might be interested in a
book on that subject."

I hope you'll respond to John Michael Greer, now blogging on Ecosophia. I should really love to see a revival of our tradition of "kyngetun", both here and in the USA. As Ross Chapin wrote me today: 
"Norway's Land Reform of 1859 was like America's Land Ordinance of 1785 — planning based on surveys and private property, not around the land itself and community. Its a good time to revisit!"
I too want to inform you about my latest article at Kulturverk; "Verandaen - limet i tunet".

Hope you'll contact Greer for an English version of your upcoming book!

I wait eagerly for your book myself too!

I send a copy to John Michael Greer and Ross Chapin at Ross Chapin Architects. For them I add your profile at Skald forlag here: http://skald.no/personar/eva_royrane/

And your profile at the University of Bergen here: http://www.uib.no/en/persons/Eva.R%C3%B8yrane

Kind regards,
Øyvind Holmstad,