Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Liberalist's and the Traditionalist's Opposite Goals

For most people, being in a position of power or influence means that you want to influence others and achieve your own goals. In North America, these goals tend to be self-defined and independent from the wider social context. As a result, thinking analytically -- focusing on one's own goal and how to achieve it without being distracted by the surrounding context -- can be advantageous. - Science Daily
This is how liberalists think, to achieve your own goals is the purpose of life, the wider context doesn't matter. The opposite is the traditionalist, where tradition, community and God is the context within every goal is part of a larger whole.

Read James Kalb's most important essay: Radical Traditionalism and the New World Order

(Hopefully this theme will someday be worked into an essay for the PRI-blog and Energy Bulletin)

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