Friday, January 20, 2012

Vi har energiblod på hendene

The fact is everything we do is shaped by energy - by electricity, by oil, by gas- and there is not one of these sources of power that doesn't somehow leave blood on our hands and present some kind of dilemma. - Charlotte Du Cann
Tankevekkende innlegg av Charlotte Du Cann i dagens utgave av Energy Bulletin: Waking up in Forest Row

Det triste er at all denne forurensningen og forsimplingen av landskapet, med vannkraftutbygginger, vindmøller og kraftgater, kunne vært unngått hvis vi holdt oss til Bill Mollisons stadig mer aktuelle visdomsord:
When the needs of a system cannot be met from within itself, we pay the price in energy and pollution. - Bill Mollison
Jeg fikk et interressant tilsvar i kommentarfeltet:
To increase or maintain order in an open system, the laws of thermodynamics dictate that entropy must be exported in the form of disorder, and energy is required to do this. 
Mollison has simply paraphrased this unalterable aspect of the universe and its laws. 
Importing energy and materials is the same as exporting entropy to somewhere else. 
Liebig's law of the minimum will regionally reassert itself as energy becomes more expensive, with obvious implications for regional carrying capacities. - Erich

Energi-import = Entropi-eksport. Foto: Guy Erwood

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