Monday, January 16, 2012

Christopher Alexander Lecture at Berkeley, California

I 'm going to write an introduction to this amazing lecture by Christopher Alexander last year, a must see for everyone wanting to live in a livable world. Meanwhile, share this video with all your friends!

The Battle to Bring Life and Beauty to the Earth:
Alexander will then talk on themes related to the way these buildings were made and are used and what it would mean if these principles could be applied to creating environments everywhere and society in general. What would that take? First is the recognition of what is described in BATTLE as system B - the method of production that is now prevalent throughout the world, which is centered on the profit motive, and supported by institutions and governments. Then we need an understanding of system A, the system which built the Eishin campus, despite system B. It was a very rough road, with many painful, arduous, and sometimes seemingly hopeless battles. But along the way, Alexander and his colleagues learned that it could be possible for these two systems to become working partners, using the best of both to achieve something that is impossible now. The most important message of BATTLE is the vision of a way forward, that we could choose together, to build a society and an environment of such a kind that we would be fulfilled in living there. The Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium of the Berkeley Center for New Media
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