Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Twelve Lectures on Architecture; Algorithmic Sustainable Design" av Nikos Salingaros, rangert som tredje viktigste bok i 2011

Takk og pris at jeg anmeldte Nikos bok for P2P-Foundation, slik at denne kunne komme på pallen blant de viktigste bøkene for 2011. Se hele lista: The P2P Foundation Books of the Year 2011: Our annual top ten list of P2P books.
With this new toolbox from Nikos we have the tools needed to truly reunite man with nature both through innate biophilic patterns and geometry. To respect and care for nature we have to create nature through infusing all we create with the geometry found in nature, and to obey the laws of nature. A reason why so many don’t care about nature today is that our cities and towns are anti-nature. - Øyvind Holmstad
Les hele bokanmeldelsen min: A New Permatecture Toolbox! (From Nikos A. Salingaros)

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