Friday, August 16, 2013

Bit by Bit, the Discussion is Shifting from Pie-in-the-Sky Technological and Political Schemes to Practical Projects that Can be Carried Out by Individuals, Families, and Communities, and Lay the Foundations for More Extensive Projects to Come

Repent, though I don't share your fondness for Jones et al., I agree that the short term crises are the rough part of the Long Descent; knowing that industrial civilization is going to take a century or two to fall really isn't much consolation if it's your job that just got eliminated by a contracting economy, your house that got devastated by a climate change-driven storm, your civil rights that went away in a political breakdown, and so on. I'll sketch out some of what I think we can expect along these lines in future posts.

As for me, I do this because it's worth doing. I feel I've already made a significant impact on the peak oil discussion, and far more importantly, on the lives of people who are better prepared for the deindustrializing future now than they might otherwise have been. . As for my wife, thanks for asking -- we celebrated our 29th anniversary last month; she's just as much on board with this as I am, and has a notably larger range of practical skills than I do. John Michael Greer

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